Coconut Bliss 4:1 (3 Bags)

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Coconut Bliss 4:1 (3 Bags)

Amount:  3 Packages

Each package contains 1 coconut infused chocolate bar that can be divided into 18 segments, made with premium organic cocoa.  80mg CBD and 20mg THC per package.

Ingredients:  Organic cocoa mass (cocoa), coconut, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter and organic natural cocoa powder.

Our cannabis chocolates are vegan and use no refined sugar.

Usage:  These delicious coconut infused dark chocolates can be enjoyed any time of day to enhance your mood, reduce pain, stress, anxiety and inflammation.  They have a 4:1 CBD to THC ratio that's perfect for medicinal use.  Crafted with simple organic ingredients and designed specifically to uplift your well-being.

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