What are the healthiest cannabis infused edibles?


Do some cannabis infused edibles cause diabetes and some prevent it?  Today we're going to compare cannabis edibles and see who comes out as the winner between edible gummies and edible chocolates.  Let's take a look!

You can't deny the popularity of gummy bears. The chewy, sweet, colourful bears trace their roots back to Europe 100 years ago and have been a kid (and adult) favourite ever since. Although they're very popular, edible gummies and candies are packed with unhealthy sugars like high-fructose corn syrup and gelatin. By now we have heard enough about the health risks of corn syrups and refined sugars, but what about gelatin?  It makes up most of the gummy, so let's take a look at what Wikipedia has to say:

"Gelatin is... extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals such as domesticated cattle, chicken, pigs, and fish."

In our pursuit of healthy infused edibles, gummies get off to a rough start being packed with sugars and animal byproducts.  Now let's take a look at edible dark chocolates, the main ingredient being cocoa, followed by natural fats (cocoa butter) and unrefined cane sugar.

Years of in-depth studies on the health impacts of chocolate have revealed that it has many nutritious benefits. These include lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, fighting the effects of aging, and reducing the risk of diabetes (only to name a few!). It's clear that high-cocoa (dark) chocolate is seriously good, and more so when you come across a chocolate edible with organic cocoa, and no refined sugars.

It's safe to say that the verdict is in. Organic dark chocolate edibles are something you can actually feel good about eating. They contain healthy fats and nutrients that help brain and body function.  That's why we love chocolate cannabis edibles, and why we strive to make the best and healthiest ones on the market.

If you like cannabis chocolates and want to give them try, check out our healthy selection of organic dark thc, cbd, and blend chocolates here or come and say hi on Twitter & Instagram.  Thanks for stopping by!

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